What is Servalot?

The Geoactive IT Servalot Process Monitor (Servalot) application allows processes (command line executables or bat/cmd files) that would normally be manually started to run as a Windows service. In addition, Servalot also provides monitoring functionality such as automated email reports advising on the health of the services as well as reporting on the health of the host server (eg. CPU load, memory usage and disk usage).

So if you need to run an application (such as a Smallworld session) as a background task that;

  • starts when the server starts
  • emails you when it stops or
  • sendsĀ an update on the health of the process and the host server that it is running on, Servalot is for you.

Quick to set up and configure, Servalot makes creating a Windows service out of just about any application – easy.