About Geoactive IT

Geoactive IT is an Australian based software developer and GIS services provider.

Our flagship product is Data Dragon – a user friendly, drag and drop application for translating and processing a wide range of GIS and CAD data.

The Geoactive IT team are highly experienced and qualified with GIS, CAD and related technologies. Our GIS involvement dates back to the introduction of Smallworld GIS at the State Electricity Commission of Victoria in the mid 1990’s. We have strong technical and commercial backgrounds, allowing the team to develop products and provide services including:

  • Data Dragon – an application that takes the complexity out of data translation with ‘drag and drop’ translation between different data formats and systems
  • Smallworld Services such as implementation, customisation and integration
  • Maintenance and Support Operational and Contract Advisory Services
  • Implementation, customisation and integration using fully supported open source spatial solutions