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Custom XML Formats now supported by Data Dragon

In the latest release of Data Dragon, a new XML Input Element is now available. It caters for custom XML formats by allowing the user to define the XML format through the graphical Data Dragon interface and then import/export the file to any of the other formats supported by Data Dragon. Finally you can transform all those custom XML formats that were previously hard to work with!

Data Dragon Early Adopter Edition is now available!

Take the complexity out of data translation with ‘drag and drop’ translation between different data formats and systems.

  • Easily transform data with built in transformations including coordinate transformation, dataset merging and field mapping;
  • Automate the publishing of your data through OGC services, email or FTP;
  • Formats supported include DXF, CSV, DGN, GDB, GML, GeoJSON, Geospatial PDF, KML, MapInfo, PostgresSQL/PostGIS, Oracle/Oracle Spatial, Shapefile, Smallworld and SQLite.

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