Geoactive Quick Search

So fast it’s hard to believe…

Replace your multi-tabbed, multi-dialog search menus with a lightning fast search across all your Smallworld tables. Quickly search and locate all your assets from a single  ‘Google style’ search box.

  • Search across all your Smallworld tables / datasets from a single text box
  • Dynamically displays and ranks results as you type
  • No need to type search keywords in any particular order
  • Search, locate and display non-Smallworld datasets in Smallworld (may require Data Dragon for non-Smallworld datasets)
  • Comes with an in-line search text box plugin for use on the toolbar with a dynamic drop-down showing results as you type, or a traditional style search plugin that can be used in a tabbed dialog (use one or both)


In-line toolbar plugin with dynamic drop-down results


Traditional search plugin

Optional Extras for the Australian Geoactive Quick Search

  • Search and go to in Smallworld the entire Australian National Address points without needed the layer in your Smallworld dataset – easily geolocate any address in Australia! Have the latest address points at your fingertips with updates provided quarterly.

Click here to download the Geoactive Quick Search brochure.