Data Dragon Toolbar

  dd_design-view1 Design view – This view toggles the use from any Editor view (ie Project, server) back to the Design Map view
   dd_switch_project Switch Projects – allows user to save as a project, open an existing project or import a project.
  dd_clear_elements Clear all elements – clears the map view of all elements
  dd_up_load_server Up load to Server – provides access for scheduling / automation of Data Dragon projects. The scheduled tasks operate from the Geoactive Server Module, which is licensed separately.
  dd_view_licence_usage View License Usage – Access the Geoactive IT license information, order a license key, and refresh licenses that have been procured.
  dd_show_intro Show introduction – Toggle for the replay for the Data Dragon Introduction
  dd_show_about About. – To provide user feedback on version of tool in use. and access to End User Licence Agreement and Acknowledgements