Step 3 – Servalot Service Deployment

Once a Servalot configuration file has been created (see Step 2 – Servlot Configuration), the service needs to be created for the host server. Create a copy of the ExampleServiceInstaller.bat file in the Servalot config directory and rename with a filename that describes your service (e.g. MyServiceInstaller.bat). Open and edit this file with a text editor.


Edit the configuration as required and save. Further details of each of the setting fields are described below.

Field Name Description Example
servicename The windows ‘internal’ name of the services. Do not use spaces or special characters in the service name variable. MyService
displayname The display name of the service. This is what is shown as the name in the Windows Services dialog. My Service
description A description of the services. My Service
dependencies Dependencies of this services. If this services requires some minimal windows functionality prior to starting (eg. networking, etc), RpcSs is a typical Windows services that can be used. RpcSs

Once configured, right click on the Installer batch file (eg. MyServiceInstaller.bat) and Run As Administrator. The service is now installed.

Open the Windows Services dialog and complete the configuration for Logon and Recovery settings.



If configured as above, you will also receive emails on events such as starting, started, stopping, stopped and reports as per the configured schedule. If the EMAILTHML option is set to “true”, the emails will have the following format: