Design Elements

The Design Elements are nested into logical grouping of functions. The key functions being Inputs (Source information), Transform (changes in schema, projection, and mappings), Output (target), and Publishers (sharing though email, Zip etc)

Transform Elements Description
 transform2 The Elements viewport is supported with a filtering search. As shown below, the addition of “geo” returns a filtered view for a quick identification of the element you are searching for.


1.     Inputs that are provided are underpinned by GDAL Libraries and there are 20+ pre-configured input types available.

2.     Transforms There are 10+ pre-configured transforms available. Refer to Transform in section XX for further details.

3.     Outputs There are 20+ pre-configured Output Types. Refer to Outputs in section XX for further details.

4.     Publishers There are number of publishing options for the sharing of the completed translations.  These include Email, FTP – File Transfer, GeoServer (Opensource GIS), and ZIP (Compressed)

If there is a specific element types that are not listed, please contact for an review and addition.