GE Partnership

We were very excited to learn that in late 2017 Geoactive IT were the only official/remaining GE Grid Solutions Provider in Asia Pacific.

GE have advised that they will be releasing a new partnership program in 2018. We look forward to hearing about this new program and hopefully continuing our partnership in the new year.

Data Dragon 1.1.0 released!

Data Dragon 1.1.0 is now released. As well as including support for Smallworld 5.x plus a number of enhancements, Data Dragon is now also packaged with Snap Dragon.

If you thought exporting data from Smallworld with Data Dragon was easy, you will be amazed with Snap Dragon. Snap Dragon exports your map view or scrapbook with just a few clicks and doesn’t even require you to start Data Dragon. Read more and see the video.


Data Dragon and Geoactive Server Released

Data Dragon and Geoactive Server are now available. This release brings two excellent new features:

  • Data Dragon can now import Autocad DWG r2000 files.
  • Geospatial PDF export now supports the styles from Data Dragon, including those exported from Smallworld. Further developments of this export element may include the ability to add templates (for page borders, logos, etc) and page ratios (eg. Metric Landscape, Metric Portait, Imperial Landscape, Imperial Portrait). Let us know what’s important to you.


Geoactive Quick Search and GBase now available… check them out!

We have recently release two new products.

Geoactive Quick Search allows Smallworld users to rapidly search across all their data – it’s so fast you have to see it to believe it! It also gives you a super easy to use drop down dynamic search text box on your Smallworld toolbar – you’ll never want to go back to the old search way again.Ask us for a demo and find out more info here.


GBase provides Smallworld users with a beautifully styled landbase dataset. Simply add this dataset to your Smallworld environment and get up-to-date layers including road, railway, landuse, leisure, sport and many more. Ask us for a demo and find more info here.